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Quick Answers!
Frequently Asked Questions.

Buying a helmet?
Buyer's Guide to Bicycle Helmets

Cheap vs. Expensive Helmets
Tests showed same impact protection.

How to fit a helmet
Get the protection you paid for.

Helmet fit checklist
Make sure your fitting worked.

How to inspect a helmet
Points to check and a checklist.

Replacing a helmet
When to replace your helmet.

Mandatory helmet laws
List of laws, debate


Helmets Made Simple
Shorter, easier to read.

Very large helmets
For riders with very large heads.

Very small helmets
Can't find a helmet small enough?

Taking your child along?
Things to consider.

Other helmets
Helmets for many different activities.

Helmet and Injury statistics
Stats from many sources

Crash stories
Stories where the helmet worked.


Standards for bicycle helmets
ASTM, Snell, CPSC, CEN, more.

Quick helmet standard comparison
Drop heights and test lines

Helmet testing
How helmets are lab tested.

Helmet recalls
CPSC actions since 1995.


Teachers and student teachers
Classroom materials

A workshop on bike helmets
Points to cover in a workshop.


Who we are
We are a non-profit consumer-funded all-volunteer helmet advocacy program. We serve on the ASTM helmet standards subcommittee. We provide materials for helmet programs and a periodic email helmet newsletter, both free. We believe in helmets as a secondary safety measure that supplement safer roads and education programs. We support helmet laws. This is our 25th year, and our 19th year on the Web.

How to support our work!
Funded 100% by consumer donations.

What's New
What we have added or modified.

Media Room
Quote of the Day, quoting our pages

Our publications
Newsletter, pamphlets, more.

Our latest email newsletter
The Helmet Update.

Our contact info:
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
4611 Seventh Street South
Arlington, VA 22204-1419 USA
Voice: (703) 486-0100

Last revised on: February 15, 2014.